T.Byron K. 2013

The Beginning of The End

The forgotten
rose may
still travail-
last pale petals
turn cold
& shudder too
long now
into December.
The stilling
Autumn leaves
turn a fragile
brown beside
the darkening road.
Too quick
a wandering
cat avoids
my shadow
like a ghost.

After the
morning star
arose in our
the early dawn
was like
a new Heaven's

T.Byron K. 2013


Most of my family (as far back as I can see) are originally from Eastern Kentucky (Pike/Prestonsburg) & migrated north to work in the coal mines in West Virginia and the Railroad in Roanoke Virginia. I am the great grandson and grandson of coal miners

T.Byron K. 2013

Actual Change

Corporate endorsement in a region decimated by corporations for centuries is not necessarily a good thing. We do not need a profit driven popularity contest, we need actual change in Appalachia.
T.Byron K. 2013

The Beginning of The End

The last
may still seek
an August light-
Cold petals
soon soften &
w/in the November
Out of a
dark cathedral
of clouds
the silvered
rain makes
new promises
of snow.

T.Byron K. 2013

Shifting Art of the Sky

I have always loved the shifting art of ths sky,
my Sister Amy calls it God's canvas. I think many
of my paintings involve an exploration of those turning colors
as well. I have thought lately about painting sky scapes for
a time. It is the daydreamer in me that refuses to stop looking
out the window.