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Conveys The Eternal

My first encounter with Robert Frost was my Father's reading of Stopping By A Woods on A Snowy Evening to our family and it was my first experience with poetry. The poem has a mystical quality and convey's the eternal well (even to wide eyed children before Christmas). I always felt that Frost was responsible for connecting poetry and the people again after a long and rather academic alienation or divorce if you will. I recall reading about a poetry reading Frost did with Archibald Macliesh, who had passed out his poems to the audience as well and during the reading at some point Frost lit one of the poems and yelled "Fire, Fire!, watching it burn before the audience's amazement. I found a beautiful anthology of Frost's poems that contains all of his books (eleven total) Edited by Edward Lathem and first published in 1969. Frost reminds me a lot of Sherwood Anderson as well, who is a poetic storyteller of Midwest America (Ohio) and who also handles the "dark paradoxes" of life well within his work. I also found that Frost was very evocative of Whitman's verse, without as much consecutive cataloging of images.

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