T.Byron K. 2013


Project End of Days began in 1999 as a poetry project that spanned several decades at that time. The collection of poetry by T. Byron K. was mostly in hand written form still at that time with the exception of the published manuscript for Poems of The Infinite Dream. Project End of Days was turned into a book in 2005 in an attempt to capture the slow progress of translating the 13 volumes of hand written poems into manuscript form. By 2020 the blog at LiveJournal had over 1000 poems from the collections of Notebook Poems, Faith of Heart, Poems of the Infinite Dream, Wish List, Midnight Poems, The River of Swans, Advent Alpha, Advent Omega, The Beginning of The End, Light & Shadow, Va. West Va. Poems and Vandalia. This revision of Project End of Days is a comprehensive view of over 30 years of poetry and an attempt to archive this substantial volume of work in a single frame.

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T.Byron K. 2013

Appalachian Restoration Project

I agreed with Prof. Patrick Gainer, who fought to overcome years of hillbilly stereotyping by those outside Appalachia. The reason I believe we need to reclaim our identity is it has been taken from us by those that wish to exploit and damage the region, redefinition will follow. *The Appalachian Restoration Project was created after several frustrating email conversations with a California filmmaker that continued to portray Appalachians in stereotypical ways in his work, and saw no problem with it.

-T. Byron Kelly
T.Byron K. 2013

The Beginning of The End

A golden
courage of
dandilions hide
quiet faces by
light falling/
A cold remnant
carries snow
w/in a
vault of Heaven
& long now into
An old
of roses may
yet contain
newer blooms/
as a forgotten

T.Byron K. 2013


I always thought it was quite a miracle that
snowflakes, like us, are one of a kind creations
made by divine intention.
T.Byron K. 2013

Peace Is A Choice

I still believe that peace is a choice because "peace is an attitude" as Mattie Stepanek would say. Choosing hatred is much like being stuck in quicksand and refusing anyone's help to the sinking end. Make the choice for peace today, and faith instead of fear. Refusing to acknowledge suffering or evil will never change what needs healing.
-T. Byron Kelly
T.Byron K. 2013

Coal Miners

Most of my family (as far back as I can see) are originally from Eastern Kentucky (Pike/Prestonsburg) & migrated north to work in the coal mines in West Virginia and the Railroad in Roanoke Virginia. I am the great grandson and grandson of coal miners. -T. Byron Kelly